Tuesday, January 31, 2012

rethinking - refinancing

ronnie and i are refinancing our house. 

when we bought it four years ago we locked in a rate of 5.875%. 
if you look at the rates now, they are in the low 4's, 
and this could definitely make our monthly payment lower. 
score.  plus, i have an 'in' at the bank so a lot of the normal fees are waved. 
we like that.
ronnie and i went back and forth this year about whether or not to sell.
i decided that since we didn't know what or where my new job would be, we should wait.
now that we know, i think that it would be stupid to move.
ronnie agrees.
i live 2 seconds from work. 
i get to come home everyday for lunch.
i don't want to lose that.
plus, half my argument for taking this job was the gas money we would save.
(ps - i've only gotten gas once in january.)
if we started looking at locations out in the country,
i would go back to have a commute in the morning. 

so even though our dream is to live in the country.
it will have to wait. 
probably another 5 years. 
i don't know what i'll do now that the updates to our house are almost complete.
maybe i should start looking into new hobbies...


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  1. we refinanced this year too and it saved us $100 a month. while that doesn't seem like much, we now put that into savings and are on our way to a down payment on a new car. sooo worth the hassle.