Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the things ronnie does for me

ronnie slaved away for me all weekend. 
and now into the week.
it's taking longer than i thought.
and i feel bad.
but i'm more excited to see this thing finished.
i help when i can, but i admit, carpentry is not my thing.
i'm more down there making sure it looks like my drawing.
from upstairs i hear lots of cussing and banging around.
saws, hammers and nail guns,
but i think it progressing nicely.

here he is starting the shelving unit

almost done

done.  and you'll notice in the top right corner of the picture, you can see where our ceiling drops down.  that is why in the rest of these shots the top of the shelf will be cut off.

one of the lower cabinets done

both of the lower cabinets done.  the open space between the lower cabinets and the shelving units will be where the mini fridge goes. 

and as i type this, ronnie is at lowe's buying the counter top.
then all we'll have to do it paint this whole thing white.


  1. i like that he has a cooler down there. what's in there?

  2. i love this brooke-- can't wait to come party in your basement! does this mean our basement parties have to be grown up now that you have a grown up basement?