Monday, January 9, 2012


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(i loved this. made me think of umkc.)

this is what i wore to my first day
at first community bank
on my first week
at the first of the year.

nothing new - but these people have never seen the ol' wardrobe before
so it's new to them.

this is weird time for me right now.
the future is so up in the air.
not that i had everything figured out when i was at umkc
but i can't tell where this career path will lead.
which makes me nervous
and hopeful.
and scared.

like i said, it's just weird.

i waited a week to update about my new job because i wanted to give it time. to see what i liked and what i didn't. or if i thought i made a huge mistake. so far, these are my first impressions:

it was not a mistake
but i also hope to leads to other positions that i can use my degrees.

getting to go home for lunch is like a gift.

a two minute drive lets me get a lot done around the house in the morning.

i don't dread going in or seeing my boss.

working with all that money makes me nervous.

i'm still not clear on everything that i will be doing.
working till 5 is not as cool as working till 3.

i've had to turn down two interviews because of my new schedule.

so there you have it...
lots of good - - and some bad too.
which would be the case at any job.
hopefully i'll understand more about everything the more i get into it.

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