Wednesday, September 7, 2011

just the tip

um no, not like this - even though it IS real funny.

but more like this:

bleaching the tips of my hair.  it started when fanger shared this blog that she follows. i fell in love with her hair. in love.
i took these pictures to my hair dresser, which will now be known as HD because hair dresser to too long for me to type.  lazy blogging. 

same girl. same hair.
see how her hair on top seems to be a super pretty reddish/brown and then the ends are blond.  i'm in love.
unfortunately, my HD told me that this just looked like the girl let her highlights grow out.  probably because she is pregnant.  well shit.  so i suggested highlighting just the underside of my hair.  i thought it would work perfectly.  it didn't.  instead it looked like she did NOTHING to it.  absolutely nothing.  and i didn't have the heart to tell my HD that it looked the same. especially since i had just spent the last two hours in her chair.  so $100 later, i left with mild results.  instead of going home, i drove straight to walgreens.  you know when you have a vision and you can't let it go? that was me.
so i bought blond hair dye and went home to try it myself.  at this point i decided to F the highlights and go straight to dying my tips.  there has to be a better way to do this, but i put my hair into pig tails and banded off the ends that i wanted bleached.  (i wish i had pictures, but i must have been blinded by my dream hair) then i applied the bleach all over the ends and went to watch tv for 45 minutes. 
wa lah! bleached tips.  well, kind of.

i'm still not 100% in love.  i wanted something a bit more dramatic.  so i've decided to give my hair a rest for a week or two and try it again. 
i'll update when i get it done.

sheesh, this should not be so hard.


  1. this is called "ombre". my HD said, to do it right it takes about two colorings...i forget the exact process. i love the look and would love to do it, but gotta grow my hair out.

  2. tutorial on ombre hair in case you want to try it again (from one of my fave bloggers)