Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on a wing and a prayer

i live in kansas city.
i've been to washington dc once my senior year of high school.
i've been to virginia a couple of times since we have family there.
i have never met the 'See' family of vienna, virgina.
but i've been a part of their lives almost daily for two years.
Anna See writes a blog called an inch of gray.
i think i was drawn in by her crafty ways, love for heirloom white spray paint, and her family.
it was normal.
she mulls over problems that we all face.
but she does it truthfully.
it's relatable.
and funny.

and then,

anna's son passed away last week.
at 12.
from a flash flood.
she said one minute he was there and the next, he wasn't.
i have never experienced any real drama.
i was trying to think of the worst thing that's ever happen to me and i can't even come up with something that doesn't sound trite.
sure, i've lost grandparents.
but my grandma was 92 when she died. 
she lived a full life and i remember thinking that it was the perfect way to go.
i've never lost a child.
a spouse.
a parent.
a friend.
my parents aren't divorced.
i've never been in a car wreck.
or lost my house to a fire.
i have no words.
i'm not a mother.
i can't imagine the loss.
i don't even have something to compare it to.
but i do think that thoughts and prayer have power.
so that's what i'm going to do.
i'm sure that's what anna is doing too.