Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a weekend in review

*this was meant to post yesterday, but i'm sharing it anyway*

what ronald and i did in two days of freedom.

we babysat my parent's dog, sophie.
(they're off in cape cod - and i am SUPER jealous)
my babies didn't mind the extra company.

but we left those three babies at home to go visit another baby.
linds and i decided that our men needed to meet graham and play with reese.

we love how close the glover family lives now! only a 10 minute drive.

and as mentioned monday, i also decorated for Halloween.
in september.

and painted some nail holes in our wall.

took some dead limbs off our tree in the front yard.

and watched many 9-11 tributes.

not that exciting.
but seeing reese and graham pics made it worth it, yes?

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