Thursday, September 8, 2011

back by popular demand

by popular, i mean that one person said i should do this again.
so i did.

what i wore on my interview yesterday - similar to this.
and her too.

to start off i have to tell you that i love glee.
and i follow what clothes they wear from the possessionista.
but more importantly from a little blog called "what would emma pillsbury wear" - yes, it's true.
there was a entry back in march about emma's obbsession with pencil skirts - which i happen to adore.  she gave this purple option which was like 100% off - at least it felt like it.  it was an $80 skirt from cold water creek (i know, a complete old lady store!) and they had it on sale for $17.99.  i bought it.  and i'm wearing it today on my interview.

with these navy peep toe poka dot heels.

and a white collared shirt.

and since my interview is right after work i had my navy jacket hanging in the car - even though for most of the day, i didn't wear it.
(this is not actually the blazer, but i can't find mine.  it's from F21 and this is one it too and looks similar.)

so - ta daah!
wish me luck.

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