Friday, September 30, 2011

home tour

i thought before i show off my "not quite finished, but still proud of the progress" basement - i could start with a house tour.  ronzo and i bought our house three years ago last spring.  i'm pretty sure we'll be done with all the improvements by our four year anniversary.  we're getting down to the nitty-gritty.
before diving in, i suggest taking a look at the house when we bought it.
not a beauty, but it had definite potential.
ronnie didn't see it.
but i loved it and he took my word for it.

so after a LOT of:
diy - learn as you go - leave it up to ronnie to fix it
we are here...

(the front outside - ranch style home built in 1979)

(the kitchen)

(we actually put in new counter tops, hardware,
and painted all the cabinets white)

(this is standing in front of the fridge looking down the hall.)

(and the double door in the picture above opens up into a laundry room)

(turn back around into the kitchen - the door on the right leads to the dining room)

(dining room.  new paint, new fixture, new wood floors)

(the living room.  everything was painted, including staining those beams.
and at first, the color was yellow from the bottom color of the dining room, but i didn't like it, so we repainted with green)

(this is the point of view of the living room if standing in the dining room)

(looking back into the dining room and kitchen. pay no attention to the halloween decorations or the dog toy in the middle of the floor.)

(in the living room looking toward the entry way)

(the entry way - to the right is the front door and to the left is the hallway leading to all the bedrooms and bathrooms.)

(here's a better look down the hallway.)

(the first door you see above on the right is a linen closet, the second leads to this: the office)

 (and across from the office is our guest bathroom - we tiled everything, added new counter tops and new fixtures)

 (down the hall to the left is the master bedroom and bath - this is an old picture because...)

(we now have a king size bed and new headboard)
ps- this room is in need of some decoration.  it's the last project on my list.

(this shows where the master bath is - don't mind the unmade bed)

(or the dog curled up ready for bed.)

(now our old headboard is in the guest bedroom which is across the hall from the master bedroom)

(our deck - the door outside is in the living room.)

(and here's the last shot - - the back of the house)

so there you have it.  next stop? a tour of the basement. 

sorry for all the crazy pictures - day, night, halloween, spring, but you get the point, yes?

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