Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's september

it's my month.
my birthday is in 19 days. 
i'll be 28.
i've been thinking about kids a lot.
i blame my friends.
everyone is pregnant with a baby.
or trying to have a baby.
or just had a baby.
in my life plan, i was supposed to have my first kid at 28.
not going to happen.
i'm not ready.
neither is ronaldo.
we talked about it.
decided it still wasn't the right time.
i'm still scared.
and selfish.
and don't want the responsibility.
maybe next year.
i asked a friend about it.
she said she never envisioned herself with kids until she was 31.
i didn't like that plan for myself.
so i'm going on 28 and not ready.
but hope to be ready before 31.

pass the eraser - i'm changing the life plan.  


  1. happy birthday month! welcome to the eraser club. ;)

  2. Be careful....One baby dream might turn into three! ;) I can't wait until you're ready for babies. Happy Birthday month!