Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pinning! (like charlie sheen but with a P)

don't just pin - DO.

so i have a lot of different pin boards.
lots and lots of ideas and things i want to do.
many of them are dreams of a new home and how to decorate it.
those pins will have to wait.

but i have been able to take some of these ideas and use them.
so far, here are the ones i've gone on to make, purchase, or do.

 you might remember this:

and then i bought this:
as seen here:

and this:

have the nail polish ready for this:

and this:

and taught myself how to do this right here:

my mom has been collecting milk jugs for a month, so these are on the way:

what i'm not doing so well on is my craft board.
that's my next goal.

just keep pinning, just keep pinning.
(finding nemo?)

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