Thursday, July 28, 2011

hair care

i found this picture on pinterest and fell in love with the look.

my problem?
i had no idea how to do it or even what this braid was called.
with a little research and internet diving, i finally found what i was looking for:
the waterfall braid.


and then i went to youtube to find a "how to" video.
i like this one... she makes it look real easy.

of course i would leave out the braid at the end - and that sweet bow.
so i tried it on myself. 

it was, in fact, as easy as this mom explained.
takes less than 2 minutes.
my only problem - i didn't have a little helper to hold my loose ends - so i used what God gave me.

and in the end, i think it turned out nicely.
i still needed to straighten it, but at least i have the concept down.

and a close up

(a special thanks to ronzo for his amazing photog skillz)

i have baby sprinkle this weekend and i'm pretty sure my new look will makes it debut.

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