Tuesday, July 12, 2011

small edits

february was when we welcomed our new sectional into our living room. 
since then my framed "art" - really it's just a poster - has been off centered because of the difference in size from the loveseat to the sectional.

you can clearly see that the picture hangs over the two end pieces and not centered how it should be.
and it never really bothered me.
until i had some friends over and one of them asked if i meant to do that.
i guess its time for a change.
we moved it up and over - going from this:

to this:
like i said - small edits.

but my other edit is one of my favorites.
back in the day i desperately wanted to buy these west elm prints.

it was circa 2008-2009 when west elm's williams-sonoma collection, has entered into a partnership with savannah college of art and design. they had a collection of limited printed reproductions of original art by emerging artists for the retailer's customers. 
but the price was over $80 for the three. 
and back then - i was not spending that on "stupid pictures."
(yes, i now realize that this is only $26 a print. i was 24, leave me alone.)
instead, i've been living with this:

in case you can't tell - these are just three black and white flower photographs.
nothing that special.

so i decided to finally diy my own west elm kock offs because i couldn't get them out of my head and now they've been unavailabe for two years.
i literally googled black and white feather, then birds nest and last pearl necklace.
i found these:

so i took them to walgreens and printed them out in 8x10s.
since then i decided that the wall was too big for only three pictures - - i needed six.
wall with only three pics:

so randomly started thinking of other things i could add to make it an even six.
i decided to use a skelton key, a dandelion, and kept one of my old flower photographs.

i love the outcome.
(sorry about the glare)

here it is again before:

and after:

yay for small edits.

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