Friday, July 29, 2011

to make a long story...well, long

cheers to you, ronnie ray

ronnie's birthday was the 7th of july.  today? the 29th.
he is still without his gift and let's just say that for his birthday cake, i threw a snickers with an attached love note in his lunch box.  to be fair, i DID ask him if he wanted me to bake him something and he said no. (although, when my mom asked him the same thing he came up with blue-goose pie).  a clear hint that a snickers was the way to go.
then an unfortunate turn of events - - ronnie did not eat his snickers that day and i somehow had it for dessert the next night.  damn.  all that thoughtfulness down the drain.
but now i'm feeling a bit guilty because it really shouldn't take this long to pull something else together.
when it came to his present i planned on buying my guy a hot, tough, sexy tattoo. 
his first.
my idea.
he punked out. couldn't make up his mind, blah, blah blah.
i had planned a evening on the plaza for dinner and even made an appointment with a tattoo parlor for our friday night date. (on the 8th of july -see, i really DID have good intentions.)
when all of that fell through, i still waited around for a week hoping to talk him into it.
no dice.

and then i forgot about a birthday gift altogether. (whoops, you can see that this is where i really dropped the ball.)
so once i remembered that maybe ronnie deserved some sort of celebratory 32-is-kind-of-old-and-you-deserve-something-nice present it was the 25th.  oh geez.

so i thought back to a night where ronnie came home explaining to me he found this old man that redoes old 1950's chain saws and he really wanted one.  (don't ask - i know no one else finds this present "cool", but ronnie gets off on this stuff.)  i texted his best friend and asked for some contact info for this old man, so even though the gift would be late - it would be great.
said best friend had no contact info.
he suggested i get him harley parts - i said no.
ronnie already spends the majority of his free time gazing, wiping, and proudly standing over his new hog. i didn't want to encourage him.
then he suggested a new gun.  another no-go from me.  i mean really.
and last, he suggested a new rod and reel.  okay - score.  that i can get behind.
i haven't actually gone to bass pro and purchased his gift, but at least i know what i'm doing now.
i'm hoping to turn this into a "birthday month" present, so as long as i make my new deadline of sunday i should be able to come out still looking like the good wife i am. clearly.

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