Tuesday, July 19, 2011

beef - its whats for dinner

ronnie called me randomly from work last week and asked if i wanted to go in with a group to buy a quarter of a cow.
as a girl that was raised on "homegrown" beef - i said yes.
(i'm sorry, but wal-mart beef is disgusting)
so $385 dollars later, ronnie and i have a ton of meat headed our way.
since our refrigerator is not big enough to hold all this, we decided to also purchase a deep freeze.
my mother and i spent most of the afternoon pricing and comparing freezers.  i decided that since i'm only 5'4 the chest freezers are too deep for me to comfortably use and i wanted an upright one (even though they are more expensive). 
sears ended up having the most options AND it was 15% off.  score.
we ended up with this kenmore upright.
for $405.
mother of pearl.
this is what i like to call an $800 steak dinner.
got beef?

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