Sunday, September 11, 2011

september = babies

it's not every month that we get to welcome so many new babies into our lives.
since graham was born, another friend, abbey gave birth to three baby girls. 
they are all healthy and doing well.  she visits them daily, but i'm sure abbey wants to get those girls home as soon as possible. 
here's a picture i stole from her blog of the first time she got to hold one of her little babies.

nine days later, margie finally had crosby.  she had a scare - falling in the garage and putting her in labor.
after many hours and annoying texts from me she had him in the early morning.
he is looking mighty handsome already and living up to his "cute as a button" shower.

i can't wait to visit st. louis and see the new mammas with their kiddos.
their sweet, precious kiddos.
until then, i'm sending my love through thoughts and prayers.

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