Tuesday, February 19, 2013

doctor appt: 5 months

i had my five month doctor appointment last wednesday.
it was quick and easy.
they measured me.
(things are right on track)
they listened to the baby's heart beat.
(things sound good)
they gave me my delivery bill because
i guess you have to have all of that paid in full
a month before you deliver.
(things look cheaper than i thought. yesssssss.)
they gave me a liquid i have to drink before my
next visit to check for gestational diabetes.
(it looks like orange soda, but i hear its gross)
**i'm really hoping i don't have it,
but it would probably be good for my eating habits if i did. wah wah.**
this was the first appointment ronald missed,
but it lasted all of 20 minutes,
so i'm glad he didn't take off work for it.
next visit: march 13th
we're chugging along.

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