Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snow days

the massive amounts of snow we've gotten in the last week
has given ronnie and i lots of hours to kill at home.
i decided it was time to turn the office into a nursery.
i don't have before and after pictures yet,
but we did manage to move out all the office furniture
and set it up in the basement.
ronnie and i put together the crib,
move up the dresser/changing table from the basement,
hang curtains.
and overstock.com was having a president's day sale
so i ordered a rug too.
(this is a zoom in on the pattern. 
 i loved that it was so colorful and had coral in it.)
the only thing we have left to buy besides accessories,
is our rocking chair and ottoman.
we found several online that i like,
here, here and here
but ronnie wants to sit in them before we buy one,
so i'm waiting to hit up some furniture stores.
and since i decided against a theme
 i had ronnie removed my favorite tree decals from the walls.
i was sad to see them go,
but i think it saves me from having to commit to trees and birds.
while, i loved that look,
i loved some ideas on pinterest more.
but don't get me wrong,
my two snow days i spent at home was not all work.
we watched movies, read books, ate lots of cookies
and snuggled these babies.
i freaking love snow days.

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