Thursday, February 28, 2013


i've been working out to try to work out some of my pain.
no one told me that pregnancy so physically painful.
sure, i've heard the horror stories about LABOR,
or about how uncomfortable you get in the 3rd trimester.
but my experience has been rather painful from early on.
it all hurts.
i feel like i might be being a baby,
instead of having a baby.
but i don't care.
this shit hurts.
the newest thing i'm trying is yoga.
my sister-n-law gave me two dvds to try.
one is prenatal, the other is for beginners.
i've only done them twice,
but hopefully it helps.
its a lot of stretching and that's what my doctor suggested.
i seriously don't know what else i can do.
i'm dreading this spring.
pray for me.

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  1. i've meant to ask you - is yoga helping with the pain? i know the pregnancy dvd is a little... spiritual, per say. but once i got past the chanting... i really did find it helpful for labor prep. :)