Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the size of a basketball

do you remember being a little girl
 and stuffing a basketball up your shirt to pretend to be pregnant?
this week, the books say that my uterus is literally the size of a basketball now.
sweet jesus.  this is no longer pretend.
and just to prove it,
ronnie and i made our way out of the house
to try something other than renting a movie
and went bowling with some friends.
basketball or bowling ball?
you be the judge.


1 comment:

  1. Sorry sweetie, probably a basketball. But now you may understand why everything hurts. Try shoving a basketball into a pair of pantyhose and you can plainly see that the stretching must affect a lot a stuff... back, pelvis, legs, etc. Plus the added weight that comes on so quickly doesn't help. Hope you are feeling better. :) Mick