Monday, March 25, 2013

the weekend

ronnie went on a guys fishing trip over the weekend

so it was the perfect time to spend with my girlfriends.
we ate a lot food.
and talked.
a lot.
it was the best.
dana and i are both pregnant with girls,
so we also got to complain and compare together.
just what i needed.
oh and i have leftover cake.
just what i didn't need.
but yes, i have had two pieces today.
shut up.
scary story of the weekend:
leia got into kass's bag while we weren't paying attention
and ate a whole pack of gum.
i looked it up on google and it said that it is fatal to small dogs.
i freaked.
we made her drink a tsp. of hydrogen peroxide and throw up.
5 mins later i had 4 (huge) piles of blue gum on my kitchen floor.
and i couldn't have been happier.
i don't know what i would do without this little girl.

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