Thursday, March 28, 2013


we are having a middle name crisis.
i love brette.
but i don't know what i love with brette.
so i need some help.
maybe you can come up with something i haven't thought of.
or vote on your favorite from my list below.
anything is helpful at this point.
here are my rules.
1. it needs to be two or three syllables. i prefer three because brette and cox are so short.
2. it needs to be girly.  since brette is so gender neutral, i would like her middle name to scream "she's a girl, you idiot!" most of my favorite names could work for a boy or a girl and i'm not sure if it's fair to give her a boy's first name and unidentifiable middle name.
3. i would like it if it weren't SUPER popular. but really, at this point, its just a middle name, so who cares if everyone else and their mom have it too.
brette _____ cox
ready, go.
brette annalise cox
brette olivia cox
brette carlene cox
brette annalynn cox
brette gwendolyn cox
brette london cox
brette caroline cox
brette margaret cox
brette eloise cox
brette alaina cox
brette marie cox
brette louise cox
seriously, this is hard.
and its freaking me out.
ronnie has a favorite, that i don't love.
i have a favorite, which i don't know if he loves.
they're both on the list, i won't tell you which ones.

this is probably the one and only time
i want your opinion on my kid's name,
so take advantage.



  1. I love love Olivia and I love Caroline. That was our 2nd choice and we were in the exact same boat. :) Eloise also has my vote.

  2. I like Louise! Or Annabelle?

    1. dana! you are not helping me out with louise here. ;) are you going to share your little girl's name....? please?!

  3. ooooooooookay.
    i looked up my post about the same dilemma and same rules for ideas...(
    and i think i'm in love with brette sienna and brette eloise. origionally, i loved brette josephine (it's a family name on both sides for you - and those were near impossible to find... and sorry i have two... so... j/k) anyways, i still really love it too. so, of course, i'm super biased for the special ones. :) which, obviously includes margaret and marie (after her favorite aunt and meme). ;) so while i love some of the other ones, i love sentimental. which means i'm biased. is that a priority of yours? because seriously, it's okay to wait until you meet her. because (in my experience) when you do meet her, you'll know the perfect one.
    PS: if you do brette louise i will forever have PTSD flashbacks from hearing papa turner r e l e n t l e s s l y refer to my "undecided on a name baby" as ethel louise my entire pregnancy. and since it's about me, i'm asking you to stear clear. #justsayin
    PPS: and it's true brette olivia flows really well too. and you KNOW it's brian's vote.
    and i'm done.

  4. You have a lot of good ones! My favorite on your list is Brette Gewndolyn or Caroline

    Other ideas juuust to throw out there...
    Brette Ainsleigh Cox
    Brette Leighann Cox
    Brette Juliana/Giuliana Cox
    Brette Adelyn Cox

  5. I like Brette Olivia Cox

  6. Omg Jaime! That is too funny about Louise :)

  7. Love Brette Olivia- we get to buy a bunch of books for her! :)
    Love Brette Marie- special for your mama and grandma! Mick

  8. ok my 2 cents worth:

    Love 2 of them Brette Marie for obvious reasons;
    Brette Gwendolyn; because of King Arthur

    Both beautiful, one sentimental & one romantic.