Wednesday, March 13, 2013

pregnant women

i l.o.v.e. these girls.
and i've laughed about this video for years,
and now that I'M the one pregnant
i can finally share it without hurting anyone's feelings
because i'm just making fun of myself.
clich├ęs i said i would never do:
1. speak in terms of weeks.
i mean, come on, are you 4 month along or 5?
i don't know what 29 weeks means.
fail. i am counting this shit down to the day.
2. speak in terms of months after the first year of having a child.
is your kid 1 or 2 years old?
i don't need 22 months, just say "2 years old."
tba, who knows what i will do. but hopefully i can sidestep this.
i'll try hard.
3. admit to wanting a boy.
we all witnessed how i walked that line.
4. have the baby consume my every conversation/life.
when is the last time i wrote on this blog about something other than
so, yeah, we (pregnant ladies of america) must turn into really annoying people.
i apologize.
and thanks for continuing to read anyway.
one day, i'm sure i'll go back to my old self
and have some sort of craft project, recipe or ronald story to share.
i will not promise, however, that it won't be for the nursery or baby.
life as we know it is over.


  1. Saw this years ago and loved it then. Like it even better now.

  2. Love, love... love.