Thursday, March 7, 2013

oregon trail

ronnie and i were supposed to be traveling to 
ireland, scotland and england this summer.
but with a new little one on the way,
that trip got cancelled.
wah wah
but we decided that we should at least take some sort of vacation
before our baby comes. just closer to home.
and even if its not europe,
i'm still excited. 
we decided to head to the northwest.
since neither one of us have ever been.
we fly into seattle for a couple of days,
then head south to multnomah falls in oregon
and end on the coast in newport. 

i got the ok from my dr yesterday to travel,
so we are headed out of here in april 
and i can't wait.

here's the thing:
since neither one of us has ever been to this part of the country,
it's hard to plan out our days because i don't know what
is a must see and what i can skip.

has anyone ever been to washington or oregon? any suggestions?
right now, ronnie's only mandatory stop is filson,
(an outdoor clothing store he's obsessed with)
so it's pretty much up to me to come up with fun things to do. 

while we're in seattle i want to see the 
space needle, ride a ferry to bainbridge island and go to pike's place market.
in oregon we're hiking to falls and heading to the beach.
anything else?

let me know if you have suggestions.


  1. I def recommend space needle!, we took a whale watching trip and it was very neat. Snoqualmie falls is a neat waterfall by seattle if interested.
    -Hayley Down

  2. My mom was born and raised in Seattle and I have family in Portland. I'll ask her recommendations

  3. Don't forget to ask Grant, he lived there for a few years. :) Oh and by the way I have done the Bainbridge HS yearbook for YEARS. Never been there... supposed to be an affluent and quaint community. The ferry only runs certain times and is very strict, so don't miss it coming back! The scenery in Washington is something to behold. Mount Rainier is really close, and I would try to get to a forest of some sort---the trees there are AMAZING.
    And somewhere I have ALWAYS wanted to go and never made it is the Chihuly Glass Museum. Look him up... Chihuly glass. He is AMAZING! Even if you aren't an art person, his work is something to see, and you will see (his) work everywhere near Seattle. A piece was on the show Fraiser, by the fireplace. Universities usually have a few pieces. It is not your normal vase. :) Go for me, so I can be jealous. Seafood is amazing!
    Ok, I'll stop, can I just go with you? :) Mick

  4. Becky Hensel-ElliottFriday, March 08, 2013

    Oregon is beautiful, the Falls are really pretty. We drove up to the ski lodge at Mt. Hood, it was pretty but couldn't see much due to low hanging clouds. Portland is a really cool city, with great food. I would suggest Wine Country but that may need to be another trip. :( It is well worth it however. If you go to the beach, Cannon Beach is a neat little town, with cafes and shops also where the Haysstack Rock (? I think that is what it is called) is located, many different stories, but people say it's from the Goonies, I would agree but others will say differently. Have a fun trip!

  5. i haven't been to a plethora of states total, and i definitely haven't been to a lot on the west coast - but when i went to oregon 14 years ago it was hands down my favorite state ever. it still is. you will love!

    PS: call it what it is - "a babymoon".

    PPS: who knew mick had such granola tendencies. noted.

    sidenote: why aren't you taking that lame wyoming dream ranch trip you've always talked about? oregon and seattle got vetoed as a turner family trip! wtf. life really isn’t fair. wah wah.

  6. When you go to the Space Needle, check out where the names are engraved on the side wnen you are on the deck. I think it was in the sports section but the Stallard name does appear since one of our cousins was famous in St. Louis. It was kinda of dorky cool but since it will be there for eternity, neat. Aunt Margo

  7. You should look up Escala :) hehehee