Wednesday, March 6, 2013

update: 27 weeks

i'm twenty-seven weeks.

weight? i went for my dr. appointment today and i've gained 15 lbs. which i'm actually really happy with. that puts me on track to gain somewhere between 25-30 lbs. by the time this baby arrives. and that was my goal. i just didn't want to be the girl that gains 80 lbs. and literally rolls into the delivery room.

cravings?  sweets and soda.  real healthy.  and while i'm still abstaining from soda for caffeine reasons, the sweets have taken over.  for instance: when i thought i might be snowed in for several days i made a special trip to the grocery store.  not for milk, break or can goods.  no no. for cookies and ice cream.  ronnie couldn't believe what all i came home with. but i made a promise that after next week (which will put me in my 3rd trimester) i will no longer eat sweets either.  it's what i'm referring to as my 3rd trimester diet.  really it's just me focusing on eating fruits and veggies and not sugar. it's going to be hard, but worth it.

side effects? in my 22 week update i talked about my back pain.  five weeks later and i still hate life. but now the pain is not only in my back but my feet, legs and mostly my abdomen. there is no getting comfortable. no great sleep. and no relief.  oh, and brette likes to move around a lot.
a lot.
 so while that's fun to know she's getting bigger, i really don't love the kicks to the stomach.

baby? according to my baby books, brette is now over 2 lbs. the other night i was making dinner and we had packages of hamburger in the freezer and i got out two so ronnie and i could get a better idea of what she weighs. it didn't feel heavy, but considering that's inside me, it definitely looked bulky. which is exactly how i feel. the books also said her hearing is much better and her taste buds are developing so she can taste the difference in what i eat.  but since i hate spicy food, she's really just getting a lot of blandness... and desserts.

preparations? we have started on the nursery!  it's been so much fun.  my love for interior decorating makes me really excited to get to redo the office. (a room i considered done.)  we took the tree decals off the wall, shampooed the carpet, bought a crib, mattress, glider, and rug. brought up the dresser/changing table and hung curtains. i've started ordering some art work for the walls and we're still looking for a light fixture. i picked out everything but the chair.  ronnie really wanted a say in that, so i let him choose.  it worked out, because we both loved the same chair. score. but the fabric wasn't as easy. my preference was more of a bold pattern and he liked a smaller pattern.  i'm trying to pick my battles and let him win some, plus we had been discussing it for an hour and for a non-shopper like me, it was too much.  i threw in the towel and ordered it in fabric he liked. but i did make him get it in my color choice.  hopefully, we put it in the room and i love it so much i completely forget about how much better my fabric would have looked. but i doubt it.                          
the best thing? my belly popped so you can officially tell i'm pregnant and not fat. my baby bump is a lot like my boobs.  when i was in high school i can remember trying on my friends' B cup bra and wishing it would fit.  it felt like a week later i was shopping for a D cup.  same with my stomach. I sprouted over night. one week my pants still kind of fit.  now, even ronnie's t-shirts that i sleep in are getting tight.

the worst thing?  how much i hate life most of the day.  (just keeping it real) and i'm in awe of the people that choose to have more than one kid on purpose.  i can't imagine wanting to do this all over again.  i just really want her to be here and for this part to be over.  counting down 13 more weeks.
so there it is.
me at 27 weeks.
(17 weeks)
(22 weeks)
(27 weeks)
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  1. You look fab. Hang in there. And you WILL get your body back! :). I'm with you...I didn't feel all glowy when I was pregnant either.