Tuesday, January 15, 2013

update: week eighteen

jan 3rd

i'm eighteen weeks.

weight? i haven't weighed myself this week, but the last time i weighed myself i had gained 4 lbs. i'm still not wearing maternity clothes, but mostly because i don't have any and not because they wouldn't fit.  my friend, jana, brought me a whole bag of clothes for me to borrow and i'm excited to bust them out.  i plan to go shopping for some dress pants soon because i'm mostly wearing dresses and skirts rights now because they are the comfiest.

cravings?  i would still die for a large diet coke.  and sushi.  i've been eating some lunch meat after throwing it in the microwave so my need for a turkey sandwich is gone. and, i wasn't eating chocolate last time i checked in at 9 weeks, but that's a joke now.  i am definitely eating chocolate.  hope baby loves it.

side effects? honestly, i don't have many things going on right now.  i still have potty breaks every night but most times i am able to go back to sleep. lately, when people ask me how i feel i tell them i don't really feel pregnant except for my clothes getting tight, which is a bonus because i feel normal again.

baby?  baby is the size of a mango and is able to hear us now.  studies have shown that the song you sing to your kiddo in the womb is recognizable once they are born.  ronnie and i have been taking turns singing baby beluga - a song i learned in kindergarten that we sing to our puppies a lot.  also, if ronnie and i are fighting (which never happens) i try to yell at him in the sweetest voice ever.  its comical.

preparations? we still haven't done much.  we cut our baby names list down by about half, but we have no winners. we've bought some diapers, because marge suggested i start stock piling so that way we spread out the cost.  but that's about it.  i think its almost overwhelming all the things you could buy. and i've had a lot of people offer some of the things they don't use anymore, so i'm waiting to see what we can borrow before i go buy a lot of stuff. plus ronnie and i are still deciding if we will find out the gender so i also don't want to buy a lot in case i end up knowing and wanting to do something more specific for a girl or boy.

the best thing? my appetite has come in.  i wasn't really hungry until i hit week seventeen and now i feel like i could eat a horse.

the worst thing?  the fact that i feel like i could eat a horse.

so there it is. 

me at eighteen weeks.

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