Friday, January 11, 2013

sharing the news

nov 18th

basically i just want to call people up and shout out the news.
but that is no fun.
so we're trying to schedule weekends with all of our families
in a short time period to get the news out fast.
unfortunately it's not going to be as fast as i would like.

dec. 1 - were going to st. louis with ronnie's sister
and her family to meet ronnie's mom and grandma
for his gma's 90th birthday.
we can share the news then.
i was thinking have them all open cards at the same time
that say "you're going to be an aunt!" (gma, cousin, etc.)

dec. 2 - we'll be in warrensburg to pick up puppies
from my parent's so we'll stop by ronnie's dad's
to tell him and kathy the news.
i'd like to keep the card thing up and give them one as well
letting them know they're going to be grandparents - again.

dec. 8th - my parent's are coming to lee's summit
to meet brian, jaime, ronnie and i for a little christmas day.
we shop, go out to dinner, ride around looking at christmas lights.
it's the perfect time to tell them, but i can't decide how.
at first i thought i could have them meet at my house and casually mention
my new christmas stockings to see if anyone notices there is an extra one.
but i doubt i can get brian, jaime and the girls to pack themselves up in a car,
drive 10 mins,
and then unpack themselves just to come inside.
so i don't know yet how i will tell them. 
hopefully i come up with something genius.

dec. 15th - my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins are getting together
to celebrate christmas and have our cookie day.
we do a christmas gift exchange and i plan on cheating a bit.
i want my mom to hand out the numbers and make sure i get #1,
so i'll pick my own gift and it will be a onesie with a little due date.
i can't wait for their reaction.

telling my friends is still undecided. 
i know we're getting together for new year's eve
and i could do it that night,
but waiting another two weeks after so many people
know will be hard. but it's also right around christmas
 so it will be just as hard to get all
my girls together and i would really
prefer not to send it out through an email.
we shall see.
maybe i have the ability to last that long.
maybe not.

the girls in st. louis is easy. 
a christmas card is fun
and i'm not concerned about them finding out early
because they won't run into someone else
like the girls here could.

so there's the plan.
i wish it were here already!

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