Tuesday, January 22, 2013

coming out of the closet

is to get organized.
ronnie did not take my advice and get me closet organizers
for christmas, but we did purchase two last weekend.
the first one took all day to put in and only fit half my clothes
ronnie didn't have the motivation to finish the second one until today.
but the other organizer didn't fit because my second closet is too small.
of course.
so i'm stuck with my old school clothes bar that i hate,
but we did try to get in all my shoes in as best as possible.
i'm still having to switch out some things seasonally because i truly need a
walk-in closet and that just ain't happening in this house.

i started with this:
i did a lot of folding and i gave away
three trash bags full of clothes i don't wear anymore.
and ended up getting three closets into two.

i feel better about my "mess"
and now baby has a whole closet to herself.
which she will most likely need because my friend at work, angie
already bought her the cutest little outfit
and her dad brought home her first little pair of shoes.
i could just die.

so now that my closet is done,
i'm ready to start filling hers.
ronnie is really fighting a losing battle...

actually, ronnie is half the problem.

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