Thursday, January 3, 2013

doctor appt #1

oct 29th

i went to the doctor.
i am 8 weeks pregnant.
officially due june 12th.
well, i guess not "officially" because they can tell more once i have a sonogram
and they don't do that until your second or third appointment.
right now they are just going off the date of my last period,
which i totally might be wrong.
it was my best guess based off my birth control.
my second appointment is not until november 14th.
that is when we might be able to see the little kiddo and hear the heartbeat.

so this appointment was
going over what i can and cannot do/eat/etc.
they also took four vials of blood and i felt like shit after.
but they did give me a book, two magazines, a cooler for milk, and lots of pamphlets.
looks like i have some reading to do.

all in all, it still left me anxious for more and
now i'm counting down the days to november 14th.
i just want to make sure everything is looking and sounding perfect.
and i'd like to meet my doctor.
she obviously wasn't my fave.
even though she'd probably be thrilled at my decision to have a kid,
she also stopped delivering and her partner will only deliver on the plaza.
i'm staying in lee's summit.
it will be easier on ronnie and my puppies when this kid comes.

and i'm all about making things easy.

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