Tuesday, January 8, 2013

weekly update: 9

sorry - - I was supposed to post this yesterday and yesterday's post today.  so basically this is a little out of order...

nov 7th

a friend of mine
wrote little updates throughout her pregnancy
to keep us readers in the know.
so i thought i could do the same.

i'm nine weeks.

weight?  not gaining yet, but i do feel bigger, which sucks. i feel like people might be like: wow, brooke's getting to be a real porker.  dang it.

cravings?  i wouldn't say these are full on cravings, but if someone offered me a jimmy johns turkey sandwich, with a piece of chocolate cake and a diet coke, i would not turn it down.  so basically, i'm just wanting everything the dr. told me not to have. 

side effects? there are plenty.
1. i feel sick all the time.  like i might throw up.  like i might need to lay down, but i can't because people would stare. it's the worst.  this week, i'm back to working out and i seriously thinks it makes me feel better.  the one thing that makes me always gag?  brushing my teeth in the morning.  so weird.  and i don't get it, but i actually threw up one morning.  blach.
2. i pee somewhere between 2:30 and 4:00 every night.
3. the peeing is not bad, because i'm awake anyway.  i cannot sleep.  kill me now.
4. my boobs hurt.  it's like nothing i've ever felt. oh, and i'm pretty sure they're getting bigger.  which is not awesome, because i'm already a D and i can't imagine the massiveness once breastfeeding comes into play.  i am not looking forward to that. (the bigger boobs, not the breastfeeding)
5. i'm tired.  i even took two naps because even though i can't sleep at night, my body has no trouble sleeping at 6pm.  i'm pretty sure all of ronnie's predictions are coming true.  oh well.

baby?  baby is the size of a prune and has arms and legs.  doesn't that sound magical?  i think so. our little kiddo even developed teeth this week.  what a superstar.

preparations? we haven't done really anything yet.  discussed names here and there.  decided when we're going to tell our family and friends (early december) but nothing else has really been done.  i'm definitely waiting for a little heartbeat.  i will feel much better once the 14th rolls around and i have my sonogram.  ronnie's taking off work and we're going to get our first glimpse of the little one.  i hope the next week goes by fast.

the best thing? ronnie made me a homemade card before he left to work out of town for a couple days.  it was probably one of the sweetest things i've ever read and he even drew a picture of future pregnant me on the front.  i wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time.

the worst thing?  people not knowing.  there have been so many times that i've wanted to tell.  it's so freaking hard to keep this a secret.  and i know our family and friends are going to be so excited, which makes it even harder because i can't wait for their reactions.  i still have a whole month to wait.  ugh.

so there it is. 
me at nine weeks.

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