Thursday, January 10, 2013

weeble wobble

nov 20th

i've been having some dizzy spells.
four of them to be exact,
but one major one.

ronnie had just left for work,
so i got up and was in the hallway bathroom
getting ready to get ready, if you will.
i got super dizzy and light headed.
my eyesight went blurry and dark.
i thought i was going to pass out.
instead of hitting the sink or door
on my way down, i thought
the floor was probably my best options.
so i dropped to my knees and
crawled back to my bedroom.
i grabbed a pillow off my bed and my cell phone
and laid on the floor and called ronnie.
he was not concerned.
said i probably needed to eat something.
cool.  and thanks.
so i laid there for 15 minutes and drank some water.
when i finally got up, i felt awful and i was so pale.
i am always pale, but i'm talking like being an extra on twilight pale.
it was not cute.
neither was my clammy face.

but after another 15 minutes
i felt fine.
when i read the app on my phone about this stage of pregnancy
it mentions having dizzy spells.
check and check.

oh and when i told the girls at work about this,
one of them thought i should take a pregnancy test.
she was sure that this was a sign i was pregnant.
if only they knew...

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