Sunday, January 27, 2013

the name campaign

if anyone sees ronaldo out and about,
feel free to call our little one brette.
i have started this little campaign at home
and it seems to be working.
we still throw around other options,
but i mostly just talk about needing to figure out
brette's middle name.
hopefully, one day he will also refer to her as brette
and then i can claim victory.
(insert evil laugh)
also, notice i changed brett to brette?
i thought a lot about it
and i think since brett could be a boy or a girl,
i wanted to spell it so that if you've never met her,
-if its on a teacher's class list, her resume, online dating site -
the person reading it would automatically know she is a she.
adding an 'e' to the end does that.
i think it might save someone a lot of confusion,
and maybe an awkward first date,
in the future.

ps- people have been sending me so many name ideas.  i love it!  keep them coming because the middle name is up for grabs. (well, technically the first name is too, i guess... but not really)

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  1. Tell Ronnie it's official, I have to put it on the invitation. Sorry, Ronzo.