Friday, January 18, 2013

baby names

so turns out that girls names are harder for us than boys.
go figure.
i thought boys names were going to be harder because we didn't like as many.
but that ended up being a good thing, as we were already down to four options.
all of which i would have liked.

but girls?
our list started long and we were slowly making cuts,
but now that i KNOW i have to pick one,
i don't know if any of them are perfect.

our faves right now:
but alas, hunter has been cut.
not because i don't love it,
because i do,
but because my aunt and uncle pointed out
that Cox Hunter is not cool.
my poor girl.
i already feel bad for her and her last name.
its ruining everything.
so someone should name their little girl hunter because i love it
and because i'll never be able to use it.
school teachers: is savannah popular?  do you know 3 or 4 in your school?
other names we're considering:
ps- what's my favorite?  brett.
but i don't have ronnie on my side... yet.


  1. Out of that list I've only had an Adler, but she's been the only one I've heard. I don't know any Savannahs at my school either. Besides one Ryann I dont' know of any kids at my school with your list.
    Very cute and original list!

  2. We have a couple Savannahs...but we also have 776 kids. So that's expected. I'm digging your list!

  3. I vote Adler. And we couldn't decide on a girl name either. It wasn't until we saw her that we knew what fit. Don't know any Savannahs at my school but a gazillion Ashtons. :)

  4. How about Emerson Brett or Brett Emerson??? From the younger twin & daughter

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