Monday, January 7, 2013

sleep tight

nov 12th

i was thought my nausea was over.
i went all weekend without really feeling
sick to my stomach,
until last night.
and then again today.
it's back.

not that i was feeling fabulous all weekend
because another issue has kicked in.
a little thing called lack of sleep.
which really isn't fair because the no sleeping thing
is suppose to happen after the baby is here.

i know i'm a picky sleeper.
i must have fan.
i have to wear either pants or capris,
even if its 104 degrees outside.
i cannot have any light.
and absolutely no noise besides said fan.

but even having met all my demands,
i am awake every night from about 2:30
until about 5:00.
it's killing me.
2:30 is normally when i need a potty break,
and then i don't know what happens,
but sleep ain't it.

i think instead of blogging i should be researching how to cure sleepless nights.

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