Tuesday, January 29, 2013

update: 22 weeks

i'm twenty-two weeks.

weight? last i checked i had gained 7 lbs. i'm trying not to eat like crazy and make healthy choices.  ronnie does a good job of making sure we have fruits and vegetables to snack on and i make sure we have ice cream.  hopefully, it balances out. he also bought me pickles because he heard pregnant women liked them, which i thought was hilarious and yet i find them to be a good snack.

cravings?  nothing new.  i don't freak out about really wanting something.  the things i've always liked, i still do. and the things i never really cared for, i still don't.  my biggest challenge is still soda.  i think this is the longest i've ever gone without it and i still totally miss it.

side effects? the last time i did an update was a month ago and i was bragging about not really having any side effects.  i felt good... no, i felt pretty great.  now, the tables have turned.  a week ago saturday, i started getting back pain and it literally has not stopped.  it's constant, its painful and a couple days ago it moved to my abdomen as well. it feels like a pulled one giant muscle that wraps around my body.  not cool.  i finally called the doctor office this morning because it had been 10 days and nothing was really working.  she suggested what i already do: tylenol, lots of fluids, and a heating pad. i seriously have been living with my heating pad. it goes with my everywhere.  i plug it in at work and at home. but the pain never fully goes away.  my nurse did make one more suggestion. a pregnancy belt.  i ran out as soon as i got off work and bought one. have you seen these things? they're hideous, but if it works i'll most likely be sporting mine for the next 4 months. ohhh sexy.

baby? according to my baby books, the baby will have broken the 1 pound mark by now. wahoo!  i can officially blame a pound of my weight on her.  and she is about 8 inches long - butt to brain. she also has eyebrows, eyelashes and some hair. it makes me wonder if she will come out with a lot or a little hair.  my mom still talks about how she was always the last mom to get her baby after i was born because the nurses were putting bows in my massive amounts of hair.  i'll have to ask ronnie's mom what his hair was like.

preparations? i bought some maternity clothes, my back belt and i used some coupons i got from motherhood maternity for a car seat cover, breast feeding cape and a wrap. i got them all for $30, so they might be crap, but i'm excited to get my first purchases in the mail.  besides that, i know my friends and family are working on baby showers for april, so i have a ways before i need to register.  ronnie and i are still discussing names but while on a dog walk tonight, ronnie did refer to her as brette.  score one point for me!

the best thing? i still fit into most of my dresses so my wardrobe has not suffered completely.

the worst thing?  the tube of pain i seem to be wearing.  pray that this belt thing i bought tonight works. in fact, i think i'm going to go try it on.

so there it is. 
me at 22 weeks.
seventeen weeks vs. twenty-two weeks
wanna see my amazing back belt?
just picture a weight lifting belt... it's pretty much the same.



  1. I had a similar belt but actually never got to wear it. That ones pretty sweet. And that pain...will probably go away sooner than later BUT it will probably be replaced by some new pain. ;) ps you've given me baby f.e.v.e.r.

  2. Sorry about the discomfort... everything is stretching and not used to it. I almost bought you a belt the other day for $3. But I wasn't sure if you would use it, so I didn't. I'll just go with my instincts next time. :) Oh, and I bought Brette the MOST precious shoes EVER! love you, mick