Thursday, January 24, 2013

the ultrament

i didn't really get to say much about the ultrasound
because i was too busy announcing that a little girl
was on her way. 
but i just wanted to put it in writing that the ultrasound
is by far the best part of the pregnancy.
the. best.
it's amazing to get to look inside your little baby.
to see her heart and spine.
to watch her get the hiccups.
and then flip over again and again.
we measured her little legs,
and head
and bones
and brain.
right now she is about the size of a large banana
and weighs in at 10 oz.
the tech said that all her measurements were on track
and my original due date of the 12th is still right on.
she did say that she has long legs,
so i'm wondering if that predicts a tall little lady?
i'm hoping she's more like her 5'4 mamma.
but we'll see.
she's also weighing in 1 oz over the norm.
of course.
my child would have to watch her weight right away.
ronnie just thinks she got the "turner head"
and the extra oz. is in her ol' noggin.
(that's a really just his way of saying she might
 have a huge head like my dad and me)
but basically i just feel really excited,
and ready.
and i am jealous of everyone having ultrasounds.
i wish i got one every week.

ps - i have a video of the ultrasound i am working on downloading it to you tube, but it seems to be having difficulty so i'm not sure if i'll ever get to share it.  

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