Saturday, January 12, 2013

the secret is out

dec 4th

the secret is not really out,
but there are a handful of people that now know.
basically, ronnie's family.
it just happened to fall that we had plans with his side of the family
the week that we could start telling people.
so his mom, dad, sister, brother-n-law, step brother, step mom,
niece and nephew all know.

it was fun to tell them.
i made little cards and had them open them.
ronnie's sister had the best reaction.
she screamed and hugged us both,
then later on cried because she was so happy.

it's exciting to tell people,
i've been looking forward to this for so long,
but it also makes me really anxious.
like i want to rush to the doctor
for another reassuring - yes, you are still pregnant!
i mean, yes, we've heard the heart beat,
but that was 3 weeks ago
and i don't get to go back for another 2 and a half weeks.
i guess now that people know,
i just want everything to stay okay.
we waited so long to tell anyone
and i would hate hate hate to have to go back and untell people.

that's why for now,
i am making everyone we tell swear to secrecy
one, so i get the joy of sharing our news.
but two, so i get to choose who knows,
just in case.

i'll feel much better after december 19th.
or maybe i won't feel really reassured until june 12th?

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  1. Such an agonizing wait! And the worry never ends, really. Glad the secrets out!