Monday, January 14, 2013

what a let down

dec 19th
we finally told my family.

and nothing really went as planned.
first, my mom, dad, brian and jaime.
we hung our christmas stockings with a little tag
on our kiddo's stocking saying 'due in june'
they came in and the only one that understood was my brother,
but he waited for someone else to catch on.
my dad was even looking at them and asked how many people lived here.
(insert hand to the forehead)
finally, my brother called it out and everyone was excited,
(more shocked)
but the initial plan
did. not. work.

then came my extended family.
all my aunts, cousins and grandma
get together for christmas cookie day.
instead of doing the exchange idea i decided to tell through my cookies.
i ordered pink and blue onesie cookies from a local bakery.
when i went to pick them up, the lady had the date wrong
and didn't have them made.
no cookies.
so ronnie and i stayed up that night baking sub-par sugar cookies.
but it worked out.
every female in my family was in tears and full of hugs.
but the initial plan
did. not. work. 

last, i told my friends.
we met in warrensburg
to welcome a friend back to the states
and i sent them all a *picture text at the same time
and only one went through,
the rest either never made it or it took 5 minutes.
so they all got them at different times and there was some confusion.
when they all finally saw the text,
there was a mixed reaction.
i think it was too shocking.
shannon was probably the happiest i have ever seen.
she's been waiting years for this,
but the initial plan
did. not. work.

*this was the picture i sent them

wah wah.
but whatever, i'm just happy they know!
and everyone is loving baby cox.

now i just have to design a christmas card
to tell everyone else.

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  1. I loved the phone call. You about put me in labor.