Wednesday, January 2, 2013


oct 23th

we have a some festive events planned in the next few weeks
and i'm nervous that someone is going to catch on that i'm not drinking.
so i came up with this:

reasons i will tell my friends why i'm not drinking:
i'm on antibiotics.
i'm on a diet.

yep, that's all i got.
this might be hard.

but then i remembered when fanger was prego,
we were at a bar drinking before a wedding reception
and she had jake, her husband, drink a beer
and then secretly had the bartender refill it with water
and give it to her.

we're having a halloween party at our house in a week.
ronnie is saving his beer bottles and we are going to refill them with water.
that will be my designated six pack.
in order for this to work,
no one can offer me a drink.
no one can try to drink my drink.
and no one can find my already-opened-six-pack.

hopefully, this works.
and hopefully, my friends (kassie) won't try to force shots on me.

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  1. I wish I could take credit for this but This dates back to when Shannon was pregnant with Reese. I guess it worked?