Monday, December 31, 2012

a little photo, a big change

oct 22nd

i took a picture when i found out the news.

it was 7 in the morning and ronnie was sleeping.
when my three minutes were up and i became a mommy,
i got back in bed and woke ronnie up to tell him.
if you wanted a picture that was truly accurate,
i would be crying,
and ronnie would be laughing.
he also asked if i was kidding three times.

it wasn't that i was devastated to be pregnant.
it was just 
so life changing.
so scary.
it's a lot to take in.

and it's weird,
but i feel like i started
changing the things i thought i had planned for my life
just hours after finding out.

our trip to europe in june?  cancelled.
buying the farm in illinois? gone.

instead i was thinking,
 which room i would make the nursery.
what theme i would want for the first birthday.
how i was going to share the news with my family and friends.
and baby names.
in fact, by the next night, i had my baby names list
printed out and on our night stand table.
who am i?

and it's weird.
i know i keep saying that,
but while i'm disappointed in some of the things
that i have to give up.
the other stuff is just as exciting.

so very exciting.


  1. So many exciting things ahead. An October 22 is the exact day I found out I was pregnant with Drew ;)

    1. And ps, a girl name I liked (or boy for that matter) that Jakr poo pooed was Adler. Yours for the taking.