Monday, December 10, 2012

say it with me: or-gan-i-za-tion

is it too early to know my
new year's resolution?

because i have my pegged.
it's called organization.

some people are born with it.
ronnie, for one, has to have things in order.
you've seen my closets.
i am obviously not worried about it.
but it drives him crazy.
i've never understood his concern with MY closet,
but i guess its time i jump on his bandwagon.

i take up four closets in this house
and think its because nothing has a place,
so i just throw it anywhere.
i even told ronnie he could buy me closet organizers
for a christmas gift.
(i should get some sort of gold star for that)

so hopefully this winter,
when we can't play outside,
i will be reorganizing all my clothes.

or maybe i'll make ronnie do it,
while i watch.

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