Thursday, December 27, 2012

planning for a baby


ronnie and i found out we were pregnant on october 14th.
it was a sunday.
i documented it, so i had a good memory of the day.
and my first blog post was three days later...

oct 17th
i've been on birth control since i was 17.
(hey mom and dad!)
i figured after being on it for
t w e l v e   y e a r s
it would take a minute or two,
or three months
to get out of my system.

not so much.
it took ten days.

i got off bc in september.
i thought i could take this fall
to clean out my system
and then start "trying"in january.

and if you don't know me very well,
then you should know this:
i am a planner.
to the max.
and i wanted a fall baby.
- we don't have any fall birthdays in the family.
- the parties would be fun to plan.
- its my favorite season.

perfect, yes?
unless you don't get pregnant in january
and instead, get pregnant in september.
which puts you due june 12th.
- madeline's birthday is in june.
- ronnie graduates in june.
- its hot in june.

not my plan,
but june it is.

so my uber planned out life,
just got a 4 month kick-start.

the lesson here is:
as soon as you're off bc,
consider yourself baby ready.

oh, and feel free to call me myrtle.
fertile myrtle.

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