Monday, December 3, 2012

the ups and downs of today

i made crockpot chicken today
and it was a fail.
chicken, carrots, potatoes, onion, a packet of chicken gravy.
how could that not be good?
but it wasn't.
the chicken was dry.
i thought about throwing it away.
ronnie didn't even try to act like it was good.
not cool.

but on the upside,
i did get to rock out my new dress
thanks to the new blog i follow
that i mentioned here.
she had it on and my friend at work and i decided to buy it.
plus it gives me a great excuse to bust out my
new birthday shoes too.

what else...

i find myself wishing for the weekends.
work is not fun,
 but christmas plans are.
we have shopping day
cookie day
4 family dinners
and ugly christmas sweater party.
i'm looking forward to it all,
so work really gets in the way.

speaking of work,
i'm looking for a new venture.
well maybe.
i might stay where i'm at,
but in a new position.
so basically,
its all up in the air.
but i wouldn't mind some positive thoughts
being sent my way.
and while you're at it,
throw ronnie in there too.
his B I G test is this saturday.
the one he has to pass
to be done with school.
i would really love it if he passes.

cross your fingers
and wish us luck.

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  1. I love J's blog thanks to you! Purchased mustard jeans & looked up the site today to find something to pair them with for work! Great reccomendation!