Monday, March 11, 2013

bumps on the road

i left ronnie with our babies at home this weekend
and traveled to st. louis by myself.
one of my gal pal sorority sisters is getting married in may
and her bridesmaids threw her a fabulous shower on saturday night.
i got to hang out with all of my old springfield friends
and catch up on their lives.
i also got to ask a lot of pregnancy/child raising questions
since almost all of them have ventured into motherhood.
this trip gave me a good excuse to go visit marge
in all her pregnant glory.
we painted our nails, watched bad tv and shared one bed.
it was almost like college.
except we added her 18 month old and two pregnant bellies to our duo.
she is two weeks away from her due date with baby boy number two
 and i couldn't be more jealous.
i won't get to see her or her new little one (name still unrevealed)
until my shower at the end of april
so as much as i tried to make her have her baby while i was there,
we're still waiting and she's going to keep him to herself a bit longer.

the road trip there was not good,
lots of back pain.
but the ride home was much better.
and marge's husband is a physical therapist
so i took advantage of his expertise and had him show me
specific exercises he has his pregnant clients do for back pain.
i will be added them to my list of remedies.
cross your fingers.

ps- your comments on my west coast adventure are so helpful.
thank you so much! oregon trail, here we come!

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