Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hit me with your best shot

in my blogging absence
there was a new development:
i feel her all the time now.
they said that would start somewhere between
18 and 22 weeks.
mine didn't really start until the tail end of my
22nd week, first of my 23rd week.
i was starting to get worried because
people would ask if i felt her and i would always have to say no.
but now,
if i'm being honest,
i'm glad she waited.
having her do flips and turns on the screen is one thing.
having her do flips and turns that i can feel is completely different.
they don't hurt, but it just feels weird.
it feels like my stomach is on a roller-coaster.
i'm not a big fan of it.
so this should be fun.
she'll be doing more and more of it
while also getting bigger.
sounds great.

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