Thursday, February 21, 2013

the giving tree

it's kind of amazing to be one of the later girls to have a baby.
one - because i can call a number of girls for any kind of question i might have.
two - because a lot of my friends and family have baby items they are willing to pass down.
and that's why i want to give a shout out to all those giving mammas out there helping us out:
my aunt mickie is donating her amazing diaper bag that is still in great condition and meets ronnie's stipulations of not looking girly. it's all black, which is totally my style.
my sister-n-law and brother are letting us have their bassinet
(which is also my aunt mickie's).
 eden is outgrowing it and its adorable. bonus.
my sorority sister, abbey, that was blessed with three little ladies
never used her changing table pad so she offered it up to me.
 and it matches my color palette for the nursery. why, thank you!
my long-time roommate, shannon, is giving us her bumbo chair.

my mother-n-law and gma-n-law gave us extra curtains that are nursery perfection.

my lifelong friend, jana, gave me a whole wardrobe of maternity clothes.
my other college roommate, margie, texts me with coupon sites
and bargain books to keep us from over spending.
i think ronnie and i are in good hands.
thank you. thank you. thank you.


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