Tuesday, March 8, 2016

the war on sleep

brette first.
she has stopped napping.
my worst nightmare.
she'll sing or play or whine to get up,
but there is rarely a day she actually falls asleep.
i still make her hang out in her crib for an hour or two
to "rest" but that's not the same.
last week, she napped for my parents on monday
and then again on SUNDAY.
basically a WHOLE FREAKING WEEK without a nap.
she fell asleep in the car a few times for 30 minutes or so,
but to actually lay down in her crib a sleep for a couple hours?
not. happening.
and it makes for such a grouchy two year old.
she's not herself.
she cries all the time and fights me and i know why...
she's so tired.
everyday i think, "oh man, she's going to pass out today."
and then she doesn't.
i think if i rocked her, i could put her to sleep everyday,
but that's such a pain.
and i really don't have time for that
because i normally put brette down first so
i can nurse reid and have her down too.
i KNOW my child can put herself to sleep.
she's been doing it since she was 10 months old.
and i KNOW two years old it too young to give up naps,
so its back to the drawing board.
i have got to find a way to keep her napping.
it's my new goal in life.
send your prayers... or suggestions.
now reid.
she's actually sitting in my lap right now.
she's been up since 5:30am and that's after a night like this:
down at 8:00. (later than normal because monday nights are crazy.)
up at 11:00 and stayed awake until 12:15.
up at 2:30 and i nursed her.
up (i guess for the day?) at 5:30.
she actually sleeps worse now than she ever has.
i long for the months that i put her down at 7:00,
up at 4:00 and back down until 7:00.
i can't believe i complained about that.
and what about all those night she slept all the way through?
i know she can do this.
i keep saying that maybe it's her teeth, but two months later and
none have popped through.
i'm not sure what to do about it either because i never dealt with this before.
i put brette down and i would see the next morning.
i told ronnie what's going on because he is literally clueless.
she could be screaming in his ear and he wouldn't wake up.
sometimes it makes me want to shake him just so he's awake
when i am, but i know he's got to work the next day so i silently curse him
and take care of it myself.
what i would like to try is to let her try to figure this out for a bit on her own
before i go in there, but i'm so nervous she's going to wake up brette
that i normally try to intervene as soon as i hear her.
i think i'm going to roll the dice and give it a shot and
just pray that brette can sleep through some of this.
dear god please.
or else i really am going to have to wake up ronnie if both girls are up.
house party at 3am.  not cool.
ok, wish me luck.
wish me sleep.
and hope that i find an amazing sleep trick on the internet.

reid slept though the night last night and
brette took a 2.5 hour nap.
i think they read my blog.

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