Wednesday, March 9, 2016

beer me

i'm always listening to music.
in the kitchen.
in the playroom.
on my phone.
i have to have on background noise.
recently i heard a new song and
i loved it immediately.
it reminds me so much of me and ronnie.

our first "date" was a concert a week after i turned 21.
ronnie bought me my first beer on a date.
and let's be honest, almost everything we did
while dating started with a beer.
we went out a lot - with beer.
we stayed in a lot - with beer.
we would drive around - with beer.
it's crazy how all that led to this.
 here we are married, living in the suburbs, raising two kids.
and it all started with a beer.
i knew all those beers i drank were a good thing.
my parents didn't believe me,
but i knew.
i think i'm going to go buy us a six-pack.
after all, it is tradition AND leinenkugel season.
cheers, ronaldo.




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