Thursday, March 24, 2016

inside my head

this isn't so much a blog post as it
is a little download off all the hilarious
things i've found on the internet that speaks to me.
anytime i see something on facebook or
instagram that i love, i save it to my phone.
most of the time i'll send it to my tribe of girls
or to ronnie because there is so much truth in all of these.
so here you go... have a laugh.
(happy easter, right?)

(i heard three is worse than two. dear lord, why?)

(not sure who i'm voting for yet, but this is classic either way.)

(grammar is important.)

(i sent this one to my aunt mickie, because this. is. her.)

(and i sent this one to my mom. i'm always on top of my
laundry, but it's never actually in drawers.)

(at least the girls looks cute.)

(my back. for real.)

(this one is SO ronnie that it kills me.  if you see him head to
the bathroom with his phone, it means that he's taking a loooong break.)

(i sent this to ronald.  he probably doesn't remember it.)

(can i get an amen?)

(if you ever spend the day with brette you will most likely
have to hear about her socks and her shirt. it's maddening.)

and now you know.
real life.

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