Tuesday, March 29, 2016

easter weekend

easter went exactly how i expected.
a hectic morning, followed by a relaxing afternoon.
because lets face it,
all the BIG events of easter happen before 11am.
baskets, easter egg hunt, breakfast, church.
(and a 45 minute drive to my parents so we could all
go to church as a family.)
it made for a crazy morning.
luckily i had our bags packed the night before,
clothes laid out,
baskets stocked and ready and
the eggs were hidden.
(brette's basket)

(reid's basket)

(easter dresses all ready for the next morning)
brette was so cute talking about all her things in her basket.
i had my video camera going, but i didn't notice that i didn't have very
much data left and it stopped recording 16 seconds in.
i want to cry.
and she loved finding all her eggs.
maybe next year reid can help too.
even with all that prep i was still running around
in my pj's at 9:35am when we were supposed
to leave for church by 9:30.
i made ronnie throw everyone in the car
while i ran upstairs to change.
(and THIS is why moms always look worse than the rest of the family.)
i put my sweater and shoes on in the car,
but we made it their with one minute to spare.
church went really well.
brette and her cousins basically just snacked
the whole time and practiced their whispering skills.
reid was passed around and actually made it through
without screaming which i didn't know was possible.

once we were back to my parent's it was smooth sailing.
lots of food and family.
all 19 of us sat down for an amazing dinner and
enjoyed the day.
brette made it without a nap and relied on the
18 pounds of chocolate to keep her on a high.
i swear, you can't take your eyes off her and the candy dish.
its like a moth to a flame.


hope you enjoyed the holiday.
happy easter!

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