Sunday, April 3, 2016

that's what little girls are made of

there must be a lot of
sugar and spice and
everything nice because
we keep getting more and more
little girls.
in the last year all my friends had babies.
all. of. them.
and only one is having a boy.
luckiest boy alive, am i right?
we started last april when shannon had paige.
then i had reid in july.
margie had clara in january.
lindsay had willa at the beginning of march.
and jana followed suit with katie a few weeks later.
this week alone i was able to drive to warrensburg
on tuesday to spend the day with willa and
then head to north kansas city on thursday to meet little katie.
but we're not done yet.
dana will add our one and only boy in may and
kassie will round us out with
our last girl (for now) in july.
our lives are so packed right now.
everyone is planning showers and 1st birthdays.
we're packing lunches and pumping breastmilk.
we're trading maternity clothes and baby gear.
we text at least a dozen times a day to
ask advice and keep each other sane.
we share funny parts of our day and pics of our babies (or bumps).
we're raising these kids together and
these new little girls are so lucky.
they are starting life with built-in buddies.
i can only hope they become friends
or find friends like i did mine.
love you girls and all your new little ladies you've added to my life.
(this pic is three years old, but its the only one i could find with all of us in it.)
(minus margie)


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